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access on the yellow and green line at the convention center stop. jerry edwards has more on what you need to know to get around. >> reporter: driving in downtown washington could be a nightmare any day of the week, but over the next few days it could be impossible because of the nuclear security summit. the bottom line, stay away from the convention center. >> we are asking people to be aware of their surroundings and be patient but there will be motorcades moving periodically. >> chances are, you know, it's for a specific security reason or because they are moving people in and around town. and some of the notification we don't get advance notice of. so just be wary and prepared. >> k, l, m, and n streets will be undriveable as well as 7 through 10th streets. there will be severe parking restrictions in place, and the mt. vernon square convention center will be closed and not re-open until wednesday morning. you can always go to the website, for the latest on closures and restrictions. jerry edwards, news4. >>> starting monday, drivers won't need to worry about car
ra harrison. it's tried, april 2, 2010. a police chase ended way crash. jerry edwards has more on the road closures from that. what can you tell us. >> this happened just within the hour. i can take you up to gaithers berg by way of one of the traffic cams. up at 35 near the gaithers berg area. there was a police chase that started earlier this morning. tended up with a crash of the vehicle involved in the chase. and a metrobus we are told closing down route 35, very close to chestnut street near old town gaithering berg near the bridge up there. right now authorities do have that stretch closed off to traffic in both directions while the investigation is getting under way. not a lot of detas to add to it. you folks up around the area of gaithersburg headed on over toward old town gaithersburg, just want to stay away from 355 for the time being. we'll get more information and pass it on as quickly as we can. the afternoon rush hour is well under way. a beautiful day like today you'd expect it. leaving the capital beltway headed to points south, all the roadwork should be over t
up. eun? >> chuck, thank you. jerry edwards has an update on the midday traffic. hi, jerry. >>> hi, eun. let's look and see how we're doing at this hour, making a trip out and about. south capitol street to the douglas bridge closed and will be for possibly another hour. they're just doing some testing of the draw span over there. so no access either direction, south capitol street at the douglas bridge. you can use 295 or pennsylvania avenue. south of town, roadwork might slow you down a bit. outer loop of the beltway eving alexandria, across the wilson bridge, construction takes away the right lane heading up towards oxon hill. back to you. >> thank you, jerry. >>> another setback in the search for four missing miners in west virginia. the state's governor says the air quality in the mine has deteriorated once again. crews had been ventilating the mine since monday's explosion, which killed 25 miners. the mine was supposed to be safe enough to enter at 4:30 this morning, but rescuers are now on their way back out of the mine. jay gray has the latest from raleigh county, west virg
, megan. >>> we have traffic problems on 395 northbound right now. let's check in with jerry edwards with the latest on that. >> good morning, everyone. it's a major incident downtown on the freeway eastbound or 395 northbound, if you will. a little hard to tell from this angle. this is the eastbound freeway headed from southwest washington towards south capital street. right at the entrance to the northbound third street tunnel, trash truck on fire. authorities holding up all traffic right now on the eastbound freeway. looks like maybe the shoulder will be getting by. but in the meantime, traffic is jammed. we'll pull back and show you the vdot camera, what it looks like now. this is the beginning of the 14th street bridge. you can see it is at a crawl. in addition to the trash truck fire, there is a report of a pedestrians struck in the same general vicinity. so if you're headed for downtown right now, not a good idea to use 395 to the 14th street bridge, memorial bridge or come in through southeast will save you a little aggravation. we'll keep you updated. >> thank you, jerry. to
right. thank you. jerry edwards has an update on our midday traffic. how is it rolling along in this heat? >> good morning to you, good morning, everyone. tough going because of the roadwork. make sure your engine's coolant is functioning properly if you're going to be using your air conditioning in traffic in this heat. 395 northbound, very heavy getting across the 14th street bridge. the right lane about mid span on the 14th street bridge taken away for midday construction. anticipate a little bit of a backup. we also find it a bit so on the outbound side of the bridge. south of town, left side the inner loop had an accident in the local lanes. poofed to the shoulder relatively quickly. fire and rescue took away a lane. looks like they finally move everybody out of traffic. but out of oxon hill into alexanderdryia, the inner loop running slowly. outer loop looking pretty good at this hour. back to you. >> thank you, jerry. >> no response yet, but there is still hope. a desperate race to reach four coal miners missing after a massive explosion in west virginia. 25 people wer
of days no complaints are going to be accepted in the weather department. jerry edwards sunrise on easter sunday about 6:45 in the morning. good weather for that and great weather for baseball on monday. >> let's take to the air. chopper 4 checking things out for us. over on the capital beltway things very quiet inner loop and outer loop between i-270 and interchange at i-95 moving along very nicely. unfortunately we do have a mess up on 270 now with the accident irly still in the roadway, 270 southbound between montgomery village and interstate 370. police remain on the scene. those delays continue to grow almost back to route 118 now. heads up if you're headed in that direction. couple of extra minutes travel time will be required this morning. one more stop. look at that pretty picture along the gw parkway, northbound and southbound, between the potomac bridges and old town alexandria. >>> 6:12 is your time. as we move closer to easter the catholic church's sex abuse scandal is growing. >>> swine flu could be making a come back. new cases are popping up. >> the ipad goes on sale tomorr
for a high temperature. 81 tomorrow. few extra clouds coming in for easter sunday. opening day, jerry edwards coming up on monday it will feel like summer for the boys of summer. >> well, as friday morning gets understand way very quiet. 270 corridor the road work going on on the northbound side. all the bright lights from southbound. heads up for that. southbound, the lanes are open. downtown early this morning not much to worry about. light volume to and across the 14th street bridge. >>> growing frustrationn d.c. after a mass shooting that left four people did. one of the suspects was a suspect in an earlier murder. darcy spencer reports. >> reporter: orlando carter is charged with murder in the drive by shooting that left four people daddy and several people injured tuesday night. carter would not have been on the streegts if police got a warrant to arrest him for another murder the week before. the attorney's office refused to issue a warrant. >> they were trying to prevent it and that's what we want from our police officers. >> reporter: u.s. torn's office dropped the ball? >> i think s
degrees. hard to believe you can find anything to complain about. jerry edwards, i know if there's anything to complain about in there you'll find it. >> thanks a lot. let's head out and see how we're doing as the early thursday morning drive gets under way. a lot of overnight road work. capital beltway. traffic so light any lane closures having minimal effect. maryland, along i-270, southbound traffic, notice the right side of your screen bright patch is northbound road work. as you head south from montgomery village. the lanes are opened southbound out of frederick on down to the split. eun, pat, good morning. >> good morning. >> this morning investigators continue to piece together evidence that led to one of the worst shootings in d.c. history. nine people were hit by bullets in a drive by shooting in southeast washington on tuesday night. four of them died. now police say they were all gathered outside after the funeral of another murder victim. right now police have three suspects in custody, one man is suspected in both tuesday night's murder and the murder of the man whos
in a few minutes. >>> let's check on the midday traffic with jerry edwards. how is it looking out there? >> barbara, good morning. it's been a tough tail end of the rush hour for the midday. a nasty crash a little while ago, outer loop of the capital beltway as you head toward the dulles toll road. police pretty much have everything wrapped up but in the meantime traffic is running slowly. the outer loop delays back at river road, the accident at the georgetown pike completely at the shoulder. another 30 minutes hopefully now barring late complications. those delays should ease. inner loop of the beltway toward tyson's and toward the i-95 interchange. we'll keep you updated. barbara? >> all right, jerry. thank you. >>> we are following a developing story out of the gulf coast where the coast guard is looking for 11 men still missing after tuesday's oil rig explosion. the blast injured more than a dozen people, four of them critically, and the fire on that oil rig is still burning this morning. jay gray has the latest now from louisiana. >> reporter: the agonizing wait stretched into the
's go to jerry edwards who joins us with the latest. >> good morning, everyone. take a look at see how your midday is going. rocky on the outer loop of the beltway in virginia. an accident on the outer loop near the interchange of route 1 just west of the wilson bridge. things tied up for a while. the accident is gone. from van dorn to eisenhower avenue, toward the wilson bridge area, be forewarned. headed over to maryland on the interloop. this is no picnic. that's the interloop coming off the american legion bridge. construction takes away the left lane up toward river road today. as a result delays begin well before the american legion bridge back near the georgetown pike. outer loop of the beltway looks pretty good. keep an eye on it and keep you updated. barbara? >> talk to you again shortly. >>> new today, a park dedicated in memory of a murdered teen. diamond teague was a 19-year-old when he was murdered back in 2003. teague was a member of the earth conservation corps, a group whose members worked to restore and clean the river and surrounding areas. in his memory, the mayor an
for everybody not to mention it's the peak of cherry blossoms. you got to be happy about that and jerry edwards has a smile on his face. >> let's take a look over at the american legion bridge. folks are smiling as much as they can at 5:00 in the morning with no delays to report. overnight road work, head over to virginia, the road work on the beltway to near route 50 has been wrapped up. looks like the lanes re-opened. springfield interchange moving along very nicely. back to you. >>> this morning new information revealed about what led to a mass shooting in the district. nine people were hit by bullets in a drive by shooting in washington. now they were all gathered outside after a funeral of another murder victim. police have three suspects in custody, one man is suspected in both tuesday night's murders and the murder of a man whose funeral was held that night. . one other suspect is still believed to be at large. >> it appears tuesday night's shootings we retaliation. >> all of this may be traced back to a gold bracelet. megan mcgrath joins us now from police headquarters in northwest wash
'll see you then. thank you. >> jerry edwards has an update on the midday traffic. how are the roads look sfg. >> spots doing pretty well. others not so much. right here at 395 northbound at the 14th street bridge, construction project taking away the right lane about mid span on the 14th street bridge and traffic very slow. if you look carefully, you can see traffic moving slowly on the gw parkway, a construction project there just north of 395. over to maryland. the approach to the wilson bridge. maryland and virginia i should say. from the maryland perspective, traffic moving along nicely. no hang ups across the bridge span. because of a reported fire over at metro center, right now red line trains are still single tracking between gallery place and fair gut north. anticipate midday delays if you take the red line. we'll keep you updated. >> president obama will be hosting world leaders at a nuclear summit in d.c. next week and that's going to cause some major parking and traffic problems for people who live and work in that area. some of those restrictions will start as early as tonig
. >> it sure has been nice. of course, we will get it again later. thanks a lot. >>> and jerry edwards has an update on the midday traffic. how is it looking out there at this hour? >> looking pretty good. we're recovering from a couple of issues. beltway northern virginia, there had been a crash the left side of your screen, the inner loop between route 50 and i-66. authorities remove the accident and the backup's beginning to dissipate slowly. still heavy between springfield and braddock roads. things much improved after that. maryland, along 270 where again today there's roadwork. northbound and southbound. the left side blocked off generally between gaithersburg, montgomery village headed north to germanytown moving on right now despite the rumor. >> we'll see you in a few minutes. >>> an event-filled weekend will keep area roadways and railways packed. the nationals play the milwaukee brewers at home. the capitals have a playoff game at the verizon center and d.c. united plays tomorrow afternoon at rfk stadium. on top of that, metro expecting is major delays because of track work. mor
the convention center. and starting tonight, parking will be restricted. news4's jerry edwards has more on what you need to know to get around. >> reporter: driving in downtown washington could be a nightmare any day of the week, but over the next few days it could be down right impossible because of the nuclear security summit. the bottom line? stay away from the convention center. >> we are asking people to be aware of their surroundings and be patient, but there will be motor kads moving periodically. >> there may be a sudden road closure in front of you and you don't know why, but chances are they are moving people in and around town. and some of the notification we don't get advance notice of. we have to tell visitors and local commuters coming in to be aware of that and be prepared. >> k, l, n and m streets will be undriveable, as well as parts of pennsylvania avenue. and the mt. vernon square convention center metro stop will be closed and will not be open until wednesday morning. you could always go to the website, for the latest on closures and restrictions. jerry edw
's say high to jerry edwards joining us. good morning. >> barbara, good morning. good morning, everyone. lots of midday road work after a difficult commute for a lot of folks. let's head over to northern virginia. i-95 construction now in place taking away the right side of the roadway. going to be heading northbound, there is also construction pretty much the same location as you travel between the wood bridge northbound and southbound, the road work is in place for your midday. elsewhere, we head over and update you on the capital beltway. the last couple days, we had road work and a pretty sizeable backup just above the american legion bridge. the good news is, all lanes open at the moment with no delay to say report. barbara, back to you. >> all right, jerry, always good to get good news. see you in a few minutes. >>> and we're following a developing story involving a plane that took off from our area. we're learning this morning that a small plane traveling from frederick maryland crashed in leslie county, kentucky. the wreckage was found in a remote mountain. it took rescue crews
. >> all right, tom, thank you. >>> we're going to move over to jerry edwards now to tell us about the traffic. jerry, not a big problem with that wreck on ohio drive? >> well, traffic is being diverted around ohio drive because of the accident and, of course, it's going to be rather involved scene for some time. so police are securing the area. at this hour, not a big issue. but as the rush hour progresses, it could become one. >>> we have some issues to deal with. right now, this is interstate 66 westbound leaving the beltway headed out towards vienna. the issue there, a truck spilled a load of dirt in the roadway non it up with only a couple of the lanes getting by. >>> let's go to northern virginia or stay with virginia, i should say. 95 southbound, that looks better. the reason? hov lanes are now open to all commuters as you make the trip south. >>> inñr montgomery county, looking better now over on the beltway. those delays have eased considerably headed towards old georgetown road and continuing towards new hampshire. barbara. >> all right, jerry, thank you. >>> this mornin
forecast for today, increasing clouds, warm and breezy, highs into the upper 70s and mid-80s. jerry edwards, we were talking about the 60s yesterday. now we're talking about the 50s over the weekend. i know you like the 50s better than the 80s. >> doesn't make any difference to me as long as it ain't snowing. >>> good monk, everyone. not a bad start, happy friday, everyone. 395 to the 14th street bridge, volume, gwl parkway look being good. over at the willisen bridge, little interloop volume, overnight work on the al andrea side, we'll get an watch out for that. >>> if you're taking metro this weekend, plan on needing plenty of extra time. red, blue, orange, and red lines could be delayed up to 40 minutes as crews replace old track components. making matters worse, this is probably going to be a very busy weekend with several sports events. the nationals are in town, the capitols play and the d.c. united are in action at rfk. >>> right now, help is on the way today for hundreds of thousands of unemployed americans. while you were sleeping, congress passed legislation extending unemployment
this morning. jerry edwards has an update on conditions right now. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. the midday actually looking pretty good at this hour. despite all the closures downtown. everybody seems to be dealing with them. along i-95 just in the distance, you can see construction headed on down to loudoun in the right lane. the volume very, very light indeed. so there's really no significant backups up to springfield looking okay. let's update you on the american legion bridge, left side of the inner loop, right side the outer loop. down to tysons corner moving along very nicely. barbara, back to you. >> thank you. >>> let's take a look outside. gray skies today. we've got some chillier weather out there. chuck bell, how long is this going to last. >> only about one day, barbara, before the sunshine starts to come back. >> i won't complain then. >> before you have time to get out the list of things to complain about today, don't bother putting weather on the list. we need a little bit of rain. we need a little bit more than we're probably going to get. rainfall amounts today
. here's jerry edwards. >> hi, barbara. let's see how things are progressing. making the trip in northern virginia along 66 -- sorry. we'll start with the wilson bridge. inner and outer loop between telegraph road and oxon hill. don't have any roadwork in that stretch right now and that is good news. if you are going to be traveling along interstate 66, the westbound side is going to be a bit slow between manassas and headed out to gainesville because of construction eastbound, which is the right side of your screen, moving along nicely. light volume of traffic and there is the virginia rest area reopened for business. that's how we're doing right now. barbara, back to you. >> all right, jerry. thank you. >>> d.c. council chairman vincent gray announced his run for mayor last month, and with only about 100,000 residents expected to vote in the democratic primary on september 14th, gray and current mayor will spend the next five months reaching out to a relatively small number of voters. gray is joining us to talk about the campaign and the current problems facing the city. welcome. good t
quiet down there. thanks a lot, tracee. >>> let's talk to jerry edwards about that right now. what are the conditions like downtown and around town? >> welcome back. good morning to you. good morning, everyone. astray see mentioned it, it does appear everyone heeded the warnings. the good news is no major backups occurred during the height of the morning commute. the vol assume appeared to be a little lighter than normal. dulles toll road, crews are h g hanging wire over the road which will force them to belong all lanes both directions out near hunter mill road. right now it appears traffic is moving again. if you're headed to the toll road or airport lanes, you may be held up just a couple of minutes. nothing to fear. they're get traffic moving again. let's head over and check out interstate 270 northbound and southbound with the work zone in the usual spot right now with the left lane closed. very little if any delay whatsoever. barbara, back to you. >> all right, jerry. thank you. >>> that heightened security downtown is also causing problems for people who live around the con
only upper 50s to near 60 degrees. jerry edwards, how are you doing this morning >> we'll take to the air, chopper 4 over interstate 66 right to the exit of the inner loop of the beltway and the inner loop getting past 66 up towards tysons corner. all in all not bad. nothing out of the ordinary except for the fact that things are moving better than normal. looking pretty good on this side of the town. had an accident on 95 northbound approaching the occoquan river over to the shoulder. seeing some brake lights develop out of camera range as you head north out of dale city. all the activity should be out of the travel portion of the roadway. aaron and eun, back to you. >>> if you work downtown get ready for gridlock. president obama is hosting more than 40 world leaders at the washington convention center. roads are closed. park is limited. metro has had to adjust pap security zone has been set up from o street down to massachusetts and new york avenues and from 11th to 6th northwest. news 4 megan mcgrath joins us now from northwest washington with more. good morning. >> reporte
. sunshine back tomorrow and mild weather. it will be taking credit for, jerry edwards, returns on thursday. >> chuck, let's head out to see how we're doing this morning. interstate 66, the dulles toll rood, beltway on the virginia side, doing okay. no hang-ups just a little volume. elsewhere, new york avenue picking up some customers now. a reminder, just because it was so great yesterday, doesn't guarantee it will go as smoothly today. mount vernon square metro stop, we still have the road closures in place. i suspect we'll have a few for folks out today than yesterday. to the north along route 355, 355 at 109 hyattstown, our debris will in the traveled portion of the roadway. 355 generally between hyattstown and clarksburg, authorities should be arriving on the scene to clean it all up. that's how we're doing right now, ladies, back to you. >> we know you have some choice words you can't say on tv this early. thank you. >>> it's day two of the president obama's nuclear summit here in washington. and this morning, leaders from 47 nations will take part in a formal meeting on nuclear weapo
. jerry edwards over to you. >>> take a live look downtown where the pavement looks dry and that's good news for you on 395 headed in that direction this morning. right now on 395, 295, south capital street, pennsylvania avenue everything is moving along nicely. along 95 in springfield, northbound, all lanes are open. continuing activity with the bus with the flat tire in springfield southbound moving along nicely. no early hangups to report. >>> thanks very much. our time is 4:41. 55 degrees. ahead the traffic alert that may make some drivers go nuclear. >>> long list of streets are being shut down and why the secret service may be asking to see your i.d. next week. >>> the government is raising concerns about a possible risk posed by anti-bacterial soap. >> bathroom on the battlefield. what changes are taking >>> today president barack obama wraps up his trip to prague. the arms pact still needs approval of lawmakers in both countries. the president looks to the nuclear summit next week. israel's prime minister backed out worried it will be an issue. when the summit comes to washingto
a jerry edwards, who is owed money, but it turns out, not our money. >> i remember last time megan found so much money for me that -- i'm still working. >> thanks for checking, kill berly. >>> after this hearing once an, the washington blade will return to newsstands under its original name. staffers were able to keep the 40-year-old paper alive under the name "d.c. agenda." they bought the "washington blade" name in bankruptcy court. 25,000 copies of the latest edition, "blade" will hit newsstands on friday. >>> costing the retail giant billions of dollars. a class-action lawsuit against walmart alleges discrimination over the way that the chain pays its women employees. claiming that it pays women less than men for the same job and female employees receive less promotions. an appeals court agree that the case should be heard. more than one million female walmart employees could be a affected by the decision. >>> laws to limit sales of violent video games to minors have been tried in ten states, but each time the courts declare them unconstitutional. the laws claim they restrict free ex
. and afternoon highs climbing into the 60s. now let's check on the traffic for this wednesday morning. jerry edwards, how are we looking? >> tom, doing pretty well so far with one incident here, south of town on the inner loop crossing the wilson bridge. lanes are open but the overhead sign is indicating local lanes closed for road work. that's an error. we are assured that all lanes are open so state highway is going to turn the sign off. we'll keep a watch on the outer loop no worries there. downtown washington, along 395 between the anacostia and the potomac, light volume moving along nicely. back to you. >> thank you. >>> we have 5:22 is the time. 54 degrees. a real life scare for a movie star. >> what happened to a hollywood actor turned white house employee on a d.c. street. >>> how that volcano ash cloud could hamper lawmakers in virginia. >> the balloon has burst. the parents behind the hoax are told to pay up. i'm lucy sykes. i'm a fashion stylist. what i do is dress people for magazines and tv. my job is to hunt down the best fashion and stay on budget. my secret? t.j.maxx. their b
problems in northern virginia. let's go to jerry edwards. good morning. >> the accident has been out there seems like a long time. moments ago cleared. if you were with us earlier, we had all but one lane closed. inner loop at eisenhower avenue. the lanes are open and that's good news. the bad news is delays begin in maryland on the beltway out of oxen hill. we had problems on the rails. on metro's green line, a ccked rail and as a result there single tracking on the green line between southern avenue and the nay lor stations. we will keep you updated. >> we will take >>> a spring chill in the air on this wednesday morning. plenty of sunshine, but temperatures enl in the upper 30s and low and mid 40s. we will warm into the 60s accompanied by a wind, but lots of sunshine. maybe more scattered frost and near 40 degrees, but bright sun on thursday and make it to near 70. warming up on friday and saturday into the low 80s and a slight chance of a thundershower on saturday. >> our day starts even earlier. tune in for news 4 today beginning at 4:30. >>> 8:00 now on a wednesday morning. the
virginia. jerry edward sincere here with the details. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. the accident, which really jammed things up in virginia, 95 northbound to prince william parkway has just been moved to the shoulder. now lanes are open. unfortunately, it is bumper to bumper all the way up. vdot has lifted restrictions on 95 and 395 with hope that is will help the traffic flow. it is a very tough trip. >>> lanes are open. a lot of volume, unlike yesterday. looks pretty normal as you head south out of german town, crawling toward the german capital. eun? >>> expect traffic and parking restrictions in northwest washington. nuclear security summit continues at the convention center today. sixth street and new york avenue. most streets have been shut down around that area and will remain closed until 8:00 tonight. convention center metro stop will remain closed until tomorrow morning. here's to the believers. the risk-takers. the visionaries. the entrepreneurs... who put it all on the line to build and run their own businesses. at at&t, we know something about that. our company start
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